CIOs and leadership out of the downturn

    Posted by Audra Proctor on Nov 12, 2009

    I came across an interesting article here about CIOs being at the forefront and leading companies out of recession by driving change, efficiency and leadership. I was trying to draw some parallels with what we've been researching around change in a downturn - the real challenges for people and some possible indications of what change agents / change leaders need to be focusing on.

    There is a focus in this article on the experience and steadiness of the CIO, having gone through and survived the crisis. However a few things occur to me as possible challenges for CIOs in this change leader role.

    1) balancing the need to move fast and drive change installation (long drawn out cost reduction initiatives are like "death by a thousand cuts"!) versus the time needed to engage often alienated and tired employees

    2) engaging visible commitment among the Business executives

    3) working with middle and front line managers in the Business to help them support their people through all the disruption of this change. I would think that CIO credibility in these crucial times are dependent on their influence and networks inside the Business

    What do you think?

    Tags: Change Management, Leadership

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