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    Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on Mar 5, 2010

    It’s funny, after 15 years we are recognised as ‘experts’ in helping organisations become more effective at implementing change. Yet we still feel the effects of major changes ourselves. An old colleague of mine has written several excellent books on change and has managed, simultaneously, to be married and divorced five times. I once asked him 'was the fifth divorce any easier than the first?' and he replied ‘not really’. So, none of us is immune from the effects of change. What we can do is get better at bouncing back and maybe as we get older, and perhaps wiser, we try and engage in less changes than we did when we were younger.

    But some changes simply come hurtling at you. You can’t avoid them for long and you certainly can’t innoculate yourself from their effects. I think the web is like that. In our business we see customers demanding more convenience, they want applications to be easy to use, they want to avoid unnecessary travel and they want it 24/7.  They also want it at a better price. Hotmail, Amazon, eBay etc have a lot to answer for! People want this level of service and simplicity of use from their corporate suppliers. If you visit week commencing March 8th you can see our response to this challenge. It’s been disruptive, we’ve resisted the change but ultimately we have got to grips with web applications.

    Now back to helping other people. So much easier!

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