(Consulting) 4 ways Roadmap Pro helps you deploy change quickly for your clients

    Posted by David Miller on Oct 1, 2020

    In a fluid and rapidly changing environment managing and delivering client change is challenging and getting change "done" is proving difficult. And getting the right digital tools and skills out to your remote consulting teams virtually - regardless of their location - is critical to ensure you keep your change efforts for clients going right now.


    And that's where Roadmap Pro comes in.  


    Roadmap Pro is our proven digital Change Management platform and it provides Consulting firms with the virtual capability to plan, implement and track Change Management on behalf of clients.


    Here are 4 key ways that Roadmap Pro can help you do just that.

    1. Assess change risk upfront. Remotely and in real-time

    At the start of any project it is essential to understand the impact the change will have on people and their readiness to change.

    But that can be challenging. Particularly when you, and your clients, are remote.


    Roadmap Pro allows your teams to: 

    • Use intuitive diagnosticsto quickly set up and send assessments
    • Provide a multi-lingual workforce the option to respond in their own language
    • Automatically collate responses in real-timefor review 
    • Segment & benchmark dataagainst our extensive change database in a few clicks
    • Useproven tactics for impact risks and lack of readinessin your plan
    • Build program and organizational benchmarksto review and track over time
    1. Ensure you deploy the change virtually


    It's one thing to build a change management plan.

    It's another thing entirely to ensure it gets implemented with clients – and that you build commitment inside the client organization for the change.


    Roadmap Pro includes a proven method to ensure your client plans are delivered locally and enables you to:

    • Build commitment and change skillsin middle and front-line managers – quickly and virtually
    • Provide online support to build commitmentand help teams adapt to business changes or the introduction of new technology
    • Track change progressusing real-time, simple assessments online 
    • Increase the speed of change and accelerate the commitment of your teams
    1. Build an effective plan to engage people



    One of the toughest tasks in any change is engaging the people who have to change in the process.


    Roadmap Pro includes proven plans for involving, communicating, rewarding and learning and enables your Consulting teams to:

    • Leverage a complete set of templates and editable online implementation plan
    • Benefit from pre-populated, proven actionsthat you can edit and add to
    • Quickly clone successful plansand create a library for use firm-wide
    • Share data onlinewith executive, steering or program teams via the Dashboard
    1. Work with leaders inside your clients on the big picture


    Managing client sponsors can be the hardest part of any project.

    Done badly it can also become distracting and time-consuming.


    The Dashboard functionality in Roadmap Pro helps your teams proactively manage sponsors and:

    • Automatically collates your assessments and plans into one headline view
    • Provides instant views on Change Management progress in real-time
    • Stops you producing slides or spreadsheets and focus on working with people
    • Answers almost any question with a couple of clicks


    Need to get with a client change project? Talk to us about a KickStart Package now

    If you need to be delivering change virtually for clients and have a specific project to deliver - talk to us about getting started quickly, easily and with minimum risk with our Roadmap Pro KickStart package that includes:

    • an initial team-based, project licenceapproach
    • rapid on-boarding and trainingto enable your teams to be effective immediately
    • comprehensive supportfor your Consulting team

    Talk to us


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