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KeyedIn guest post: Overcoming the People...

Posted by Colin Gibbins on Dec 2, 2020

Colin Gibbins is the Product Owner at KeyedIn Solutions and an avid advocate for Agile Portfolio Management practices.

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Change training: 4 key tools to help you keep on...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Nov 24, 2020

Many Change Management training courses only include training time.  And when your course ends the learning ends.  

But we appreciate fully that it is what do you afteryour training - to deliver more...

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How to Communicate Change Successfully

Posted by David Miller on Nov 24, 2020

In our experience, people can get confused about the purpose of communication inchange. The primary use of communication in change is to create clarity. You have to ensure that everyone at least...

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Five tips for Technology Companies who want to...

Posted by David Miller on Apr 25, 2019

We all know that many, if not most, organizations are undertaking Digital Transformation. The drivers are well documented – among them, creating competitive advantage, improving customer engagement...

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A definition of Enterprise Change Management...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Apr 18, 2019

And why digital disruption makes it even more essential for your organisation.

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City of Stockholm perfectly illustrates a vision...

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on Sep 15, 2010

As we know, building commitment to change begins at the level of the individual and their decisions and behaviours. Well, the City of Stockholm, like JFK before them, have set out their long term...

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