What are the top 5 issues in managing unpopular change?

Posted by David Miller

I read a really good article in Computer Weekly.com recently. It’s called ‘Top five issues in managing unpopular change’  If you don’t have the time to read the article the Top five were:

1.    Manage union conflict
2.    Build mutual trust with staff
3.    Support employees with skills training
4.    Sell the benefits of transformation
5.    How managers can sabotage transformation

It’s very good piece and can be found on http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2009/10/27/238319/top-five-issues-in-managing-unpopular-change.htm - if you want to know more.

However I see it differently so my top five would be:

1.    Leaders leading by example rather than talking
2.    Involve people in decisions that affect them
3.    Train people in new skills
4.    Harness the power of middle and front-line managers
5.    Communicate by talking not writing

We have seen a lot of unpopular change in the last two years. So what are your personal top five? Serious, cynical and funny responses welcomed!

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