How we get things done.

I've been evaluating my productivity for the last couple of weeks, looking to see where I can make incremental, yet significant improvements. Two major developments, have been applying the Getting Things Done framework, and mastering Inbox Zero. The latter, took me 2 weeks to get a grip of but it's made a huge difference to how efficient I have become during the working week.

Besides the frameworks, there are raft of apps and tools that we use on a daily basis that help us keep connected and engaged whilst at the airport or in a taxi en route to a client meeting. As busy project managers, it is always a good day when you receive those little hints and tips that help make your working life just little bit easier.

Our favourite tools and applications.

Readitlater - save interesting articles to read later.

Evernote - syncs notes, photo's, audio across devices.

Tungle - web-based application that connects all your existing calendars to help scheduling. For example, I use it connect my outlook with my personal calendar in Google.

Cisco Webex Meeting Center - never miss a conference call

Remember the Milk - a task manager and web-based to-do list

Pen and paper - sometimes its nice to keep things simple. Afterall, they never drop signal or run out of battery life. Moleskine is the notebook of choice here at Changefirst HQ. And as a friend once told me, treat yourself to a nice pen, "If I can make it more fun to write notes, I'm more likely to write them."

What are the tools and apps you use to help you stay that much more productive and, perhaps, even help you manage your projects?

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