David Miller to address the ACMP Africa conference in November

The theme of this year’s ACMP Africa Conference is Innovative Pathways to Meaningful Change.  The conference takes place on 8-9 November at the Midrand Conference Centre in South Africa.

David’s plenary presentation, How change professionals lead and execute meaningful change, fits into a strong speaker line up that is focused on addressing global practices that are both on the edge and at the core of change management.

David will examine the results of Changefirst’s data driven research into what makes change professionals really successful in organisations to address four key topics:

  • How change professionals can impact organisational change performance
  • What conditions and capabilities really lead to success
  • Why part-time, untrained amateurs fail as change professionals
  • How organisations can help change professionals to be more effective.

For more information about the show and other speakers and presentations continue to the ACMP Africa website.

December update - David's presentation was very successful and he was pleased to receive a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 by attendees.  The average rating at the conference was 3.9.  If you are interested in his presentation you can download the slides here.

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