Introducing the Virtual Change Coach and other new e-change features

By Hanna Greenfield, Marketing Manager, Changefirst

When you’re working on a complex organisational change project or programme, the last thing you want to do is rack your brain for useful process guidance, methodology snippets and case studies to help you work on your change plan.

Today, we’re solving this issue with the launch of our brand new (and very helpful) Virtual Change Coach, so that you will always be able to refresh your learning on key skills, access relevant process guidance and methodology gems to support the way you plan and deploy your change plans using our cloud-based Enterprise Change Management Platform – e-change®.

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But our recent upgrade doesn't just stop at the Virtual Coach! We've added a bunch of additional features to help you deliver organisational change successfully; here are just a few of our favourites:

1. Get useful guidance from your Virtual Coach

We’re excited to introduce your very own Virtual Coach! Just press the green button for hot tips, just-in-time learning, detailed execution guide and user interface support.

2. Create a comprehensive change plan

We’ve enhanced the Change Roadmap (previously Planner) with:
a) A more complete Change Leadership plan with the introduction of a section on Securing Influencer Support.
b) A more detailed Engagement plan with the addition of 4 new templates (for Involvement, Communication, Learning and Rewards), to support an overarching Engagement Blueprint.
c) A more focused Local Deployment plan concentrating on key activities to tailor change messages and build and sustain people’s commitment to change.

3. Track your change progress

We've enhanced the Local Change Tracking plan with a completely new dashboard that is dynamically populated using the Initiative Risk Assessment tool to track change progress.

4. Make decisions on your change projects based on real data and risk scores

From now on it will be easier to identify and align your decisions with a more visible risk score. You will also be able to underwrite those decisions with easier data segmentation and more relevant benchmarking.

5. Enjoy using the new intuitive interface

We’ve brought e-change into the 21st Century with a fresh new look, great sign-posting and much better labelling to represent the true value and benefits of a particular area. Organisations can still apply their own logo and branding to the interface, even applying their own banners and marketing for a more visually appealing experience.

For more information, get in touch with Changefirst today or request a free, 30 minute demo.

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Changefirst’s PCI® methodology and e-change® online business application helps organisations implement change initiatives more successfully. e-change enables change leaders and project teams to deliver sustainable change through an integrated suite of e-learning modules, online change assessments, collaboration and a step-by-step change planner. e-change is supported by a range of hands-on coaching, education and benchmarking services. We have trained over 15,000 people to use our People-Centred Implementation (PCI) methodology effectively.

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