Powerful "cloning" functionality for change plans added to Roadmap Pro platform

Posted by Donna Imrie-Browne


Based on user feedback, we’ve just added a great new feature to our recently launched Roadmap Pro change management platform - that will increase the speed, engagement and agility of your change programs.

We call it ‘Cloning’.

Roadmap Pro enables change teams to learn proven change management techniques, build effective change plans and identify and mitigate key project risks.

The new cloning feature enables you to rapidly share your plans with other users. You transfer ownership and the new users can adjust those plans to suit their local needs.

Here’s a couple of ways to think about how cloning could help your organization. Imagine if you had a way to transfer best practices, that had worked in one business unit, to all business units. Or imagine if you could be simultaneously implementing changes in multiple geographies.

See Roadmap Pro in action now

Cloning is just one of the helpful new features we are continuing to add to Roadmap Pro to help make delivering your organizational change plans easier and quicker.

To see cloning and all the other highly effective and intuitive features of Roadmap Pro in action -  simply visit our website here and click to request a demo.

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