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Posted by David Miller

We know - from our discussions and work with other consulting firms - that you are operating in a highly competitive market where clients are increasingly demanding measurable business outcomes and your global competitors are investing millions of dollars in digital platforms in order to win bids and increase client retention. 

And that's why we developed our digital change platform - Roadmap Pro.  It will provide you with a driven approach that enables you to scale your efforts quickly and ensure that your consultants and clients have the right skills, tools and processes. 

Here we take a close look at one of the cornerstones of Roadmap Pro in more detail – the innovative change planning functionality that enables you and your teams to quickly create, collaborate and deliver on your change plans.

At the heart of Roadmap Pro is an integrated change planner that enables you to take a “GPS like” approach to creating and delivering client change plans. Here are just some of the key features:

  1. Data driven project dashboard

Your Roadmap Pro project dashboard provides a high-level view of your clients plan all in one place, like key milestones for the project, upcoming tasks and the other people you are working on. 

All delivered in a way that ensures it is quick and easy to share key project data with your colleagues and clients in real-time.  

  1. Detailed step-by-step guide to implementation

As you click down into the Plan section of your project, the sophisticated planning functionality in Roadmap Pro really comes into its own.

The planner gives an invaluable step-by-step visual guide to the entire change implementation process, all mapped out against key project stages – like plan, deploy and track. It then guides you through the entire process from building leadership alignment, through stakeholder planning to engagement and deployment tracking.

It’s all based on PCI - our proven approach to delivering change implementation - and enables your team to take a consistent and standardized approach to delivering change projects across your organization.

However, Roadmap Pro can usually be configured to include your own tools if required. And, of course, it can be ‘white-labelled’.

  1. In-context and on-demand learning support inside the planner

Roadmap Pro also takes an innovative approach to learning support which is delivered in-context and inside the change planner – as a series of short, sharp learning video “bytes” that provide expert tips and guidance available as you need them. In addition to on-demand learning, it includes role-based modules specifically for change agents, executives, managers and individuals.

Which means you can quickly scale your change management activities across teams, functions and geographies including less experienced client staff, consultants and contractors who can be quickly onboarded and mande productive.

  1. Pre-populated fields, guides and templates simplify and jump you ahead in the entire process

Whether you are working on the early stages of baselining your change or beginning to give consideration to stakeholders or change network mapping, the planner inside Roadmap Pro is packed full of pre-populated content, guides and template that give you expert guidance and the basis for all of the key elements of your plan.


  1. Single click sharing and collaboration on your plan

Single click sharing in Roadmap Pro allows you to quickly share your change plans with clients and colleagues to:

  • Work together on progress, status and key milestones
  • Collaborate 24/7 across teams and geographies
  • Take a standardized and consistent approach to ensure success in your change initiatives

Ensuring you get the collaboration and engagement you need to ensure your change initiatives are successful. 

If you are interested in exploring things further you can learn more about Roadmap Pro here. Or contact us to schedule a no-obligation demonstration of Roadmap Pro where we can give you a feel for how it could help your organization. 



Build Change Leadership capability with Roadmap Pro


If building Agile Change Leadership is a key priority for your organization then you might want to take a closer look at Roadmap Pro.

Roadmap Pro is our revolutionary, SaaS based change implementation platform - specifically designed to enable organizations to deliver on their change agenda is a cost-effective and highly scalable way.


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