6 reasons it makes more sense than ever to get Change Management Certified Online

Posted by Audra Proctor

For us at Changefirst getting Change Management Trained and Certified online has always made sense. And, in fact, it’s an approach we have taken with our corporate customers for a number of years now.

But with current level of uncertainty and disruption, it makes more sense than ever. And more and more Change Management professionals are choosing to Certify in this way with us. On an individual basis.

So why does Online Training and Certification make so much sense right now?

We think there are 6 key reasons as follows:

change management online certification 

#1. It’s ideal timing to turn spare time into new Change Management skills and capability

As the focus has turns from initially coping with the new working environment which has been created by COVID-19 – getting set up to work from home, sorting out initial broadband issues, checking in with work colleagues – to a medium-term view. More and more Change Management Professionals are working out how they use additional spare time in their schedule to develop the advanced Change skills and capabilities they are going to need to make an impact in what is a very changed and uncertain environment.

And it’s a fairly safe bet that Change Management skills and expertise such as the ability to:

  • work with leaders and key stakeholders to kick-start change programs
  • prepare for project roll-out including change leadership, engagement and communication strategy and planning
  • support successful local implementation of your change plan
  • Track change progress including key enablers and barriers to change

Are going to be at the top of organizational agendas as businesses look to adapt as quickly as possible to the changing environment.


#2. You can learn direct from your desk – safely & cost-effectively

Given the current level of restrictions on individual mobility online Change Management Training and Certification neatly removes the need for you to travel. And enables you to safely attend your program direct from your desk.  Simply finish breakfast in the comfort of your own kitchen, stay in touch with what’s going on in the office and make your way into the virtual conference room in a matter of minutes.

And the economics of the internet mean that you can also get Change Management Trained and Certified much more cost-effectively online without sacrificing the quality of the Certification experience. While some traditionally offline providers of Change Management Training and Certification are simply moving their programs online and continuing to charge the full offline price for program online – Changefirst is pricing its Certification much more sensitively to reflect the online nature of delivery.

Add in the fact that you don’t need to incur costly travel and hotel bills and this all adds up to a much more cost-effective approach overall. So if you are considering getting Change Management certified take a look at Change Management training providers who provide virtual as an option. 


#3. Work around your existing schedule – and time zone

When we talk to Change Professionals that haven’t been able to schedule Change Management Training and Certification yet we find a recurring theme. They simply haven’t been able to find time for it in what is already a busy schedule

The good news is that some programs are now specifically designed to work around your schedule - typically including a number of modules which are spread over consecutive days. And designed to fit around not only your working and home schedule, but also your local time zone. With providers offering a choice of times to suit.    

That makes Certification a lot easier to “bolt-on” to your schedule. With no need for time-consuming travel or “dead time” spent hanging around in hotels waiting for the program to start.


#4. It’s a highly interactive and immersive way to learn

One of the key aspects of a virtual Change Management Training and Certification program is the highly interactive nature of the online program itself.

The key to any successful program either on or offline is what you get from participating – from interaction with your peers, to collaborating on and exploring learning topics to the practical coaching you received from your expert instructor.

And, thanks to advances in technology, virtual Change Management Training and Certification programs are no different. So gone are the days of one-way, rigid communication direct from your instructor which has been replaced by a highly interactive experience that includes:

  • Peer to peer discussion
  • Virtual, interactive whiteboarding to share and explore key change concepts
  • Individual and group coaching from an expert instructor


Do you need the tools and skills to deliver major change?

Then our virtual Change Management Training and Certification may be just right for you.



#5. Online tools mean you can also build & track a REAL change plan online during the program

One of the key benefits of getting Change Management Trained and Certified online is that the focus is 100% on leveraging online capability to enhance the wider benefit you get from the program. Including the way you use concepts learned on the program to plan, implement and track your change plans.

So, with most forward-looking program providers, online capability and support will extend to:

1.  The capability to create a “live” change plan online

For example, at Changefirst, all of the attendees at our Virtual Instructor-led Change Management Certification program are able to create a real Change plan for a “live” project they are working on.

This allows them to practically apply the concepts and techniques they learn during the program and to continue to develop and work on their plan online. Even after the program is completed.

2.  Online access to the diagnostic and assessment tools to track the success of your plan

In addition, we also provide program attendees with online access to a suite of diagnostic and assessment tools.

This suite of 9 multi-lingual data tools provide the capability to track and report on key issues including change legacy, change impact, plus engagement and commitment levels. As well as analytical insights from the largest OCM database in the world.


#6. A proven approach to Virtual Change Management Certification

While many Change Management training providers, who have typically only delivered their Change Management courses offline, are now quickly trying to re-engineer their approach to an online delivery model – Changefirst has been pioneering the use of online learning, planning and collaboration tools for the past 5 years.

Our own Instructor-led Virtual Change Management Certification Course enables Project/Program Managers, Change Managers, People and OD experts and Independent Change Consultants to get the Change Management skills, tools and credibility the need to deliver major change.

And learn PCI®, our Forrester recognized methodology which provides a proven, flexible, people-centred approach to organizational change

All online.



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