An introduction to the Diagnostics Pro toolkit

Posted by Audra Proctor

You can’t fully take the risk out of change and transformation. But you can use data to assess, pinpoint, analyse risks and validate change decisions.  

Digital pro toolkit


To focus on the right mitigation and tailored risk management - that enables you to accelerate delivery and produce sustained results.

Don't let poor data hold your change initiatives back 

The philosophy of our Diagnostics Pro toolkit is to always focus Change Management plans on addressing the critical few risks. Engaging more people in change - by highlighting and understanding issues quickly - and building tailored responses and mitigation. 

This has a number of key benefits including:  

  • The ability to work effectively remotely - Change planning doesn't need to be held up by lengthy or costly data capture and analysis. Or because people are disparate or working remotely. 

  • Get leadership buy-in - Business-critical changes needn’t suffer from insufficient stakeholder engagement that reduces the connection and buy-in needed for deployment

  • Improve data insight - Transformation leaders needn’t suffer from limited access to insightful data analytics and reporting to make meaningful decisions 

  • Bring efforts together - Major organisational change shouldn't be plagued by disjointed deployment efforts which are difficult to track and measure 


The toolkit itself includes:



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Insightful people diagnostics  

9 powerful multi-lingual behaviour & risk assessment tools with built-in mitigation. Methodology is agnostic and easy to align with other frameworks. 




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Powerful Comparative Analytics 

Access to benchmarking analytics to improve, validate and strengthen change decisions.  Compare project performance against one of the largest Change Management databases globally.  



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Flexible and automated capability 

Automated survey and segmentation capability with flexible data collection. Realtime updates and easy downloads to excel. 




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Here is a quick overview of the tools included in the Diagnostics Pro toolkit: 

Change Impact Assessment

Capture and track the impact of a specific change project on specific groups affected by the change. 

Initiative Legacy Assessment

Plan for a new change project, based on lessons from past implementations. 

Initiative Risk Assessment

Diagnose and track the people-centred risks in single, current change projects. 

Resistance Behaviour Assessment

Understand specific resistant behaviour – including people’s position on the curve. 

Resistance Reasons Assessment

Understand the underlying reasons for people's resistance to a specific change. 


Adapter Readiness Assessment

Assess the readiness of people to adopt a specific change that affects them. 

Communications Effectiveness Assessment

Identify any issues with the Change communication processes and content. 

Sponsor Assessment

Enable successful Sponsor performance on a specific change. 

Change Agent Assessment

Assist successful Change Agent selection, preparation, and development. 


There are also 2 non-standard Tools that are available at an additional cost.





Change Demand Assessment

Analyse the cumulative demand for change being placed on an organisation.

Organisational Capacity Assessment

Measure available organisational capacity to implement new change projects and programmes. 


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Bring clarity to the complexity on your Change initiatives and projects

Diagnostics Pro is available to license (and access via our Roadmap Pro® platform) on either a 6 or 12-month basis. You can license it individually via our website here

Or talk to us about team or organisational level licencing. 




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