Change Insight: Why Agile Organizations need Agile Change Management

Posted by Audra Proctor
  • The origins of agile. And what it means for Change Management
  • Closing the Change Value gap continues to be key
  • How to match your Change Management approach to Agile. Digitally.
  • Why this is no longer a “nice to have”


One topic more than any other seems to be surfacing in conversations with clients recently – the increasing importance of agile and what the implications are for Change Management.

While agile has always been on our radar, and we have published a variety of articles on the subject in the past, the recent upsurge in interest has caused us to take a more granular look at the topic. All of which is available in our new ebook – Why Agile Organizations need Agile Change Management – which considers:

  • The origins of agile – how agile has its roots in the agile software development processes of the early 2000s but has since become an approach that has spread like wildfire through teams and functions across organizations. To the extent that 94% of organizations surveyed by Deloitte see “agility and collaboration” as critical to their organizational success
  • What Agile means for Change Management – how Change Management has always been an enabling capability - allowing organizations to engage their people sufficiently to successfully transform and extract investment value. And why in an Agile environment you need more Change Management not less.
  • 4 key considerations for matching your Change Management approach to Agile - For us, the necessary adjustment in your Change Management approach has its roots in Agile itself. Below are 4 key considerations for Change Management to be able to match – and deliver against – the central drivers of Agile.

 Agile Ebook 01

  •  Why Enterprise Change is the key building block of Enterprise Agility – due to the fact that putting in place the “hard stuff” is not enough and Change Management has a central role in providing the key skills and capabilities that underpin Enterprise Agility
  • How to practically map your Change Management activity to Agile – how your approach can more closely align with Agile development processes in your organization.

Agile Ebook 02


To learn more – download the Ebook here or contact us


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