Change training: 4 key tools to help you keep on top of Change Management risks

Posted by Audra Proctor

Many Change Management training courses only include training time.  And when your course ends the learning ends.  

But we appreciate fully that it is what do you after your training - to deliver more effective Change projects in your organization or for your clients - that determines your future success.  And that the ability to gather and assess Change Management data is central to that. 

Which is why before, during and after our own Change Management training we provide you with a full suite of multi-lingual diagnostic tools that enable you to assess, track and mitigate change risks including:

Change training - four key tools


Change Impact Assessment

Capture and track the people change impact of your projects

At a particular time on a particular part of an organization. By assessing 6 impact categories and 20 specific impact dimensions.


Sponsor Assessment Tool

Work to develop effective Sponsorship

Specifically designed to provide education and promote discussion with Sponsors about the critical dimensions of Change Sponsorship.



Communications Effectiveness Assessment 

Are your change communications getting through?

Designed to help Change leaders and project teams to probe on suspected issues with your change communications.



Resistance Reasons Assessment

Take a closer look at why people might be resisting

An interactive risk assessment to help identify the underlying reasons for resistance to change.



How to get started with a data-driven approach to delivering change

You can have access to all 4 of these tools, as part of a broader suite of 9 multi-lingual diagnostic tools, when you attend our Virtual Change Management Training and Certification program.

A program that also includes 6 highly interactive, blended learning modules over 3 days, a 12 month licence for our digital Change Management platform and Change Practitioner Certification.



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