CMI thought Leadership Webinar: The Digital Transformation of Organizational Change

Posted by Audra Proctor

We all know that, for most organizations, the pace and volume of change have accelerated in the last few years. There are many drivers of this but one that seems to get most attention is Digital Transformation, which is forcing rapid adaptation to changing marketplaces and environments.

The sheer pace of the digitization process and resulting demand for change inside organizations also requires a radical rethink for change leaders and their teams - as they try to meet this in a productive and agile way. Which is exactly what this recent webinar explored:

Listen as Audra Proctor CEO at Changefirst - and guest speaker of the Change Management Institute - makes the case for the digital transformation for Organizational Change Management and explains how a digital platform like Roadmap Pro can help you meet the challenge head on.

Audra Proctor


Audra Proctor has over twenty years experience in multi-industry and international change execution. Currently Managing global relationships for Changefirst where she leads continued research and development. She is a regular thought leadership speaker at public and client speaking events.

You can connect with Audra here.

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