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Posted by Audra Proctor

One of the key topics that is a recurring theme in our discussions with clients right now is how Change Management can support an Agile approach to delivering projects.

That set us thinking - and as we sketched out some of our thoughts on the relationship between Agile and Change Management we thought it would be great to lay it out as an infographic which we did below -  including looking at the origins for Agile itself, the drivers of Agile and what all of this means for your Change Management Approach going forward. 

This is part of a new blog series on Agile and we would very much welcome your thoughts on the topic. Please also feel free to share the infographic with your colleagues - and Download the Change Management Infographic here  

Understanding Agile Project Management Infographic

6 Ways that Roadmap Pro can help you deliver change in an Agile organization

Faster Planning

  1. Pre-populated change plans and templates to get started quickly and iteratively
  2. guides you from the elevator speech, through stakeholder planning to engagement and deployment tracking
  3. includes pre-populated fields and templates that simplify and jump you ahead in the entire process


  1. Single click digital sharing and collaboration among team members
  2. Work together on progress, status and key milestones
  3. Collaborate 24/7 across teams and geographies
  4. Take a standardised and consistent approach to ensure success in your change initiatives

Contextual Learning

  1. Contextual on-demand modules and virtual coaching for quick and consistent capacity building
  2. Expert tips and bite sized video coaching delivered inside the planner and in context
  3. 4 on demand, role based learning modules specifically for change agents, executives, managers and individuals
  4. The ability to quickly onboard new team members

Just in time data

  1. Real-time data, just-in-time and directly from impacted groups to measure, track and adjust confidently
  2. Assess and report on trends and the bigger picture
  3. Get the insight you need to get ahead of change risks and mitigate them
  4. Segment your data across functions, divisions and geographies and present your results with impact using our powerful reporting and data presentation capabilities
  5. With added peace of mind that its all held securely on AWS infrastructure

Dashboard Driven

  1. Single dashboards for easy progress updates and change leader communication
  2. Access to 9 powerful and intuitive planning, diagnostic and tracking tools
  3. Automated survey and data gathering capability
  4. 600,000 data points to allow you to benchmark your progress both inside and outside of your organization

Accelerate & Scale

  1. Leverage the power of digital to accelerate and scale cost effectively

Download a copy of the infographic.

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