(Video) How our Cloud based approach can streamline your Organisational Change Management

Posted by Audra Proctor


Delivering effective Change Management across your entire organisation has become more challenging in recent times. But digital can help you overcome many of the issues you now face.


Listen below as Audra Proctor, CEO Of Changefirst explains how our own Roadmap Pro platform:


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Leverage the Cloud and deliver more effective change in your organisation. 


By making change everyone’s business.





Video transcript

A big benefit you have with licensing our cloud-based change management platform is that you have a cost-effective way to get skills, those tools, those processes that you need to more people in your organisation in a way that I guess depending on their role they have just what they need to play their part more effectively in the change process. There are over 25 videos from our Change experts on the platform, and they give your teams the learning and delivery support they need just in time. They've worked examples on there. They've prepopulated templates for them to quickly refine and go.

You can get these resources to your people in a way that works globally with your teams in different geographies and also works virtually for people to still be able to collaborate effectively. Imagine, your core team can create central plans that are easy to clone and share with your local Change champions so they can start thinking about deployment in their particular part of the business, but from a consistent base. Our digital change management solution is powered by our proprietary change management skills, tools, and processes recognised by Forrester Research as one of the top three methodologies used by organizations around the world.

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