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Posted by Audra Proctor

We have a digital change management solution we call Roadmap Pro and it really is a suite of integrated capabilities which your team can access via a single sign on to deliver more change faster and more sustainably. If you asked me why? Well, there's a process, a process dedicated to managing the impact change will have on your people and actually helping them to transform their way of working. Sort of a program of change can be successfully delivered.



This process is easy to learn. There's a discipline of planning that is easy for your teams to follow. You can get your change management work streams ready quickly with pre-populated plans that are easy for your teams to refine and align with the way you want projects and programs to run in your organization.

Another digital capability in our solution is data. We have change management tools. They're going to help you to assess what's really happening with your people during change. We have analytics that are going to help you to benchmark your data against the performance of other projects and programs, not only in your organization, but even trends in your industry.

There are three benefits here. You can speed up your decision making. You can validate that intuition you have, that gut feeling you have about what's happening with your people, and then of course, you can report out and provide insights to your meetings. Our digital platform has multi-lingual tools, people focus tools, which means that you're going to be able to engage more people in the change process in a highly effective way.


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