Video: How to quickly upskill your organization and build Enterprise Change Management (ECM) capability

    Posted by Audra Proctor on Aug 1, 2019



    In an increasingly high velocity world of change, we believe strongly that change has to be everyone’s business. Wherever people are – around the world in global organizations – they all have an essential part to play in the change process, if you are going to achieve the Enterprise Change Management Capability you need.So how do you ensure your organization gears up successfully for the challenge?

    Listen to Audra Proctor – CEO of Changefirst – as she explains how:  

    • Getting the right skills, tools and analytics to people, where and when they need them is key
    • How a digital change capability enables organizations to gear up quickly and to move fast
    • How assessing both change management maturity and digital maturity are key as you deploy your ECM strategy

    Put Roadmap Pro at the heart of your Enterprise Change Management strategy


    If your organization is keen to develop Enterprise Change Management capability then you may want to take a closer look at our revolutionary Roadmap Pro digital platform.

    Based on our proven approach it enables you to build change management capability, increasing collaboration and employee engagement - all in a highly cost effective and scalable way.

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