Organisational view of Change marks 5-year digital platform anniversary

Posted by Audra Proctor

It is just over 5 years since we launched Roadmap Pro – our own digital Organisational Change Management platform. 

But what was the thinking behind Roadmap Pro? Listen above as our Product Development Manager, Donna Imrie-Browne, explains how:

  • Roadmap Pro is part of a wider drive to get digital tools and planning capability in the hands of people at all levels in the organisation
  • Our new platform feature provides a central, a strategic level view of Change in the Organisation 

And visit our website to learn more about how Roadmap Pro can help improve the effectiveness of Change Implementation your organisation as part of a wider Organisational Change Management solution


Video transcript

Hi, I'm Donna Imrie Browne. And as Product Development Manager here at Changefirst, I oversee all of our digital products.

I've been working here with Changefirst for around six years. And we're constantly evolving and enhancing what we do, which means that we can stay ahead of the game in what is a fast paced environment that demands agile and data driven solutions.

Five years ago, when we launched Roadmap Pro, it wasn't really the start of our digital journey. In fact, it was more a continuation of something that was started a number of years earlier. Even before Roadmap Pro, Changefirst was leading the way, providing a range of digital diagnostic tools that enabled organisations to make data-driven decisions to maximise the success of the change initiatives.

With Roadmap Pro, we brought all of this together. So the same industry leading diagnostics tools, were combined with the comprehensive planning capabilities of Roadmap Pro. This enables change and transformation teams to quickly collaborate and build change plans in a very agile way. And all of this is driven by real-time data from our multilingual diagnostics tools.

Since its launch five years ago, we've been continually adding features and capabilities to Roadmap Pro, based on feedback from our clients. And 2023 will be no different and will see the launch of a brand new Organisational View.

It will provide our clients with the ability to see a rolled-up view right across their organisation. And we have a version in beta testing at the moment to make sure that it's our clients' needs that are driving the development of this new feature.

Five years since its launch sounds like a long time, but actually it's flown by. There's always new enhancements or new features to keep us busy. And I have to say that it's been a real pleasure being part of this journey.

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