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The pressure from digital transformation and the race to reinvent business processes - with shorter and shorter timescales and more change to manage - means that the sheer pace and volume of change can be overwhelming and chaotic. 

In this video, we outline why you need a revolutionary new approach to this. One that:

  • enables you and your teams to meet the challenge head on
  • allows you to deliver change in a highly scalable, cost-effective and agile way
  • lets you do all of this at the pace your organization demands

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Video Transcription

There was a time the business of change was a little more manageable. Odds on, you would have two, maybe three big initiatives at any one time, and because the pace of change was slower, you had the luxury of time to parachute your teams into various parts of the business, to work with stakeholders on plans and engage local teams, maybe even run a series of face-to-face workshops across the business, too. Project timescales were measured in weeks and months, and leaders were happy to hear anecdotal evidence of commitment, behavior change, or resistance. And once you had your plan agreed at the center, you could spend time pushing it out to the business itself.

Fast forward to now. And unfortunately, that model just simply doesn't hold water anymore. The pressure from digital transformation and the race to reinvent business processes means that the sheer pace and volume of change projects can be overwhelming and chaotic, with lead times now expressed in weeks, not months or even years.

So what does this new environment mean for change teams in organizations, consulting firms and technology companies? Well, it means you need a whole new way to respond to the challenge. One that's quick and easy to use, one that's secure, but also supports collaborative working, one that's online and can rapidly scale across your organization. That's why we developed Roadmap Pro, a data-driven dashboard-based approach to delivering change projects. Roadmap Pro lets your teams quickly and easily build the change plans they need using predefined steps, tips and tactics, all based on our proven approach.

Single click sharing allows you to quickly share and collaborate on plans. You can also easily collect, segment, and benchmark data on key project change risks, use pre-populated tactics to plan risk mitigation, and then share the data with key project stakeholders in a format they can quickly take on board. Roadmap Pro also removes the need for costly offsite training workshops, with highly effective on demand learning built directly into the dashboard. And now you can be up and running in a matter of days, not weeks and months. To find out more, visit our website or contact us for a personalized demo.

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