We can help you deliver Change Management virtually in the face of COVID-19

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A truly unprecedented global situation

What we initially thought was a short-term halt to ‘business as usual’ is now turning into a longer-term major disruption of the way we do business – and go about our lives in general. It likely to be 2021 before life begins to go back to ‘normal’. It is very probable that travel will continue to be disrupted, meetings will not be allowed (certainly of more than ten people at a time) and there could be more lockdowns, home schooling and restrictions on movement may come back. Time and again.

It is also very highly likely that organizations will be working in an economy in recession, customers may be very wary of spending money, some organizations will be re-starting themselves and supply chains will be disrupted.

And, employees may have very different expectations of how they want to work. Home working will be greatly more utilized, they will be wary of commuting in packed trains and busy roads and they may feel very uncomfortable attending meetings in enclosed spaces.

Help deliver your change management virtually

 What organizations need to do to respond to the challenge

Organizations need to deliver two types of change over the next few months and into 2021.

  • In the short-term - organizations are reactively responding to Covid-19. For example, clothing manufacturers who are making PPE I direct response to the situation they find themselves in

  • In the medium-term – organizations will need to take a more strategic view and proactively adapt to the new environment. For example, many businesses will be accelerating their transformation to digital as more and more business activities shift online

This will generate a high volume of change that will need to be implemented effectively for organizations to survive and prosper. If you add these two types of changes to all the personal changes that leaders and their teams are already undergoing it becomes very clear that strong change management skills are critical for success.

In fact, more so, than ever before.

How we can help right now

Given the scenario we outlined earlier, delivering change effectively through engaging people is more important than ever. The organizations who are most effective at implementing change will be the ones who have the most competitive advantage.

Enabling virtual Change Management with Roadmap Pro

 As your teams attempt to adjust to the “new normal” that has been created digital is going to be the key differentiator for successful Change Management. It has an even more central role to play in the effective planning, collaboration and tracking of major change programs.

Our digital change management platform Roadmap Pro does just that by enabling your teams to get out virtually across your organization to influence change progress – at time when getting boots on the ground simply isn’t an option. With Roadmap Pro:

  • Virtual collaboration and sharing are made easier, simpler and more productive. Digital collaboration and reporting remove geographical constraints and your teams to work together.

  • You can quickly collect data about what is happening ‘on the ground’. Data on change program performance is collected and analyzed remotely utilising a set of proven diagnostics (with multiple language capabilities, benchmarks and segmentation automated). This allows you to identify change risks and create mitigation actions in real-time.

  • Detailed change management plans are ready to use ‘out-of-the-box’, quick and easy to edit and develop to enhance your team’s productivity and credibility.

  • When your teams cannot attend workshops and meetings Roadmap Pro provides comprehensive modules that let your people learn ‘road-tested’ change management skills and techniques

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