Webinar: The Adaptive PMO (in partnership with KeyedIn)

Posted by Audra Proctor

Change is an essential way of life for project managers and keeping up with change has proven to be a differentiator for businesses looking to innovate and grow in a complicated environment.

While change brings with it new opportunities and growth, it also comes with obstacles and challenges that need to be managed and maintained in order for long term success. In an era of uncertainty and chaos, the role of the Project Management Office is critical to the success and sustainability of business change.

Join us for this webinar - as Audra Proctor (CEO, Changefirst) and Colin Gibbons (Principal Product Expert, KeyedIn) discuss how to manage and maintain change by:

  • embracing an adaptive PMO that is an agent of change for the business
  • combining portfolio management with Change Management to cultivate organizational agility
  • leveraging Change Management as a strategic growth opportunity for the business

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Keyedin Webinar


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