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In our last post in this series we took a detailed look at how the innovative change planning functionality inside Roadmap Pro enables you and your teams to quickly create, collaborate and deliver on your change plans. 

This was part of a blog series that includes:

In part 3 of the series we consider how Roadmap Pro can put data at the heart of your change management and implementation strategy by giving you the powerful analytics capability and tools you need to plan, track and assess your projects and change initiatives.

All from one single, easy to use dashboard. Available 24/7.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the key functionality available in Roadmap Pro including the consolidated project dashboard, comprehensive toolset, library of graphical content and benchmarking capability.

 1) Consolidated project dashboard


One of the key benefits of Roadmap Pro is the way it consolidates key project change data all in one place, allowing you to give a high level overview of the progress on your change projects including:

  • Key milestones – headline progress against the key people change aspects
  • Upcoming tasks – deadlines for upcoming tasks
  • People – profile details for key collaborators on your project including single-click sharing with colleagues
  • Headline data – headline data from your change assessment and tracking initiatives that provide a snapshot of key project risks and progress.

  2) A comprehensive suite of 9 planning, tracking and assessment tools

Change Impact Assessment Tool.png

Roadmap Pro has a suite of 9 fully integrated planning, diagnostic and tracking tools that enable you to:

  • Segment, analyse and spot data trends
  • Identify and get ahead of change risks
  • Quickly share data and analysis with your team

This includes:

Initial Change Description provides clarity, discussion, expectation-setting and decision-making about the people aspects of a change project.
Change Network Map provides a picture of the true nature of the environment receiving the change project, key stakeholder issues and where plans may need to be tailored to support different needs.
Initiative Legacy Assessment provides a baseline assessment of people-centred risks, by taking a historical look at how changes have been implemented.
Change Impact Assessment provides early diagnoses of likely impacts of a particular change project.
Sponsor Assessment provides education, promotes discussion and supports development of active Sponsorship for a particular change project.
Change Agent Assessment supports Change Agent selection, promotes discussion and supports development of Change Agent resources for a particular change project.
Communication Effectiveness Assessment

probes for any issues with the project communication process.

Adapter Readiness Assessment makes an early prediction of people’s readiness to engage with a particular change project and highlights key issues that threaten their readiness
Resistance Behaviour Assessment helps identify how far an individual or group have moved along the ‘Resistance Curve’.

Central access to all of your graphs  & assessment

As your project progresses you can view results from your diagnostic tools in graphical form, all in one place which makes it easy to share the important data insights with decision makers and stakeholders.


Roadmap Pro also provides the flexibility to segment your results to make comparisons of risk data across regions, departments and sub divisions to help validate your change decisions.

  • Segmented to allow risk information from different groups.
  • Benchmarked against global, industry and company averages to help validate your change decisions

4) Easy benchmarking

Finally Roadmap Pro provides full access to the Changefirst global database for benchmarking purposes.

Change Impact Assessment Results-600x210.png

Changefirst has been working with organizations for over 20 years with a clear goal - to enable them to deliver on their change agenda. In that time, we have worked with over 300 organizations in over 45 countries, training more than 30,000 people to use our tools and processes.

Roadmap Pro provides access to over 600,000 data points from that time – allowing you to benchmark your activities against global, regional and industry averages.

Learn more - see Roadmap Pro in action


If access to key change data is key for your organization you can learn more about Roadmap Pro on our website. When you can schedule a personalised demo

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