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Why Tracking Change Management Risks Will Help...

Posted by David Miller on Feb 8, 2017

Sustained levels of employee commitment, along with visible changes to behavior, is the ultimate goal for implementing change; any type of change.  Barriers to commitment and behavior change are the...

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Essential Change Management: Routine vs...

Posted by David Miller on Jan 24, 2017

Is it important to have a different change management strategy for different types of changes within your organization?  To answer this, let’s take a look at the difference between routine changes...

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How to select a change management methodology #1

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on Jul 23, 2010

Will it meet your business needs and is it value for money?

When selecting your change management methodology, be clear on what you see as the outcome for the business. This is first and foremost; is...

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Successful change implementation: PCI and...

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on Dec 3, 2009

We changed the format of our newsletter this month and have been monitoring the success of the approach. There is one thing that stands out as an overwhelming success - which is an article by Dave...

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