Video: How COEs can align their existing change approach with our PCI methodology and platform

    Posted by Audra Proctor on Apr 3, 2019


     The role of many Change Management COEs (Centers of Excellence) is changing as organizations increasingly move to an agile approach to change management.

    In this video, Audra Proctor – CEO of Changefirst – outlines how Changefirst has been working with some of these specialist teams to transfer capabilities to the teams they serve and to build their maturity around Change Management. And, in particular, how COEs can:   

    • align their current approach with our Forrester recognized PCI methodology and digital platform
    • customize our content management driven platform to meet their specific change requirements
    • use their own, preferred tools inside the platform itself alongside our existing ones
    • how they can support and scale their efforts geographically using the platform



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