7 key benefits a Digital Change Management Platform will provide your organization

Posted by David Miller

Mastering the art of changing rapidly and effectively is a critical factor in gaining competitive advantage and digital is at the forefront of the revolution that is taking place in businesses across the all industry sectors – the push for digital transformation.

A digital change management platform is a single, SaaS based platform which provides all the learning, planning and analytics capability organizations need to successfully plan and roll-out change programs in a standard, consistent and cost-effective way.

Master the Art of Changing Rapidly

But what exactly does a digital change management platform do for your business? As we work with clients we see 7 clear benefits as follows:

Keeps costs lower versus other solutions

Highly competitive SaaS based pricing means organizations can drive up an organization’s change management capabilities using On-Demand and “in context” digital learning in the application itself -  at a fraction of the cost of more traditional offline and workshop programmes.

Programs can be supported rapidly

Organizations can react to the increasing demand for change and get started working quickly, virtually and collaboratively on major change programs. They can rapidly scale the organization’s agility to deliver change at the volume, speed and accuracy required – to support the broader organization in its digital transformation agenda. Meaning roll-out times can be as short as 48 hours rather than 48 days.

Change planning is consistent across projects

Users can be supported to use the step-by-step planner functionality and guide users quickly and easily through a standardised approach to building change plans. This means they can be created rapidly and consistently even by inexperienced change agents.

Change management skills can be built quickly

Contextual learning videos provide support on key aspects of the change process. They highlight key areas of focus and share proven tips on specific topics. Learning becomes more accessible and convenient without the disruption of costly workshops.

Powerful analytics delivers critical data

Good digital platforms and tools provide just-in-time information – offering the right information at the right time to people who need it and can act on it in an agile way. This allows organizations to measure, track and mitigate program risks.      

Collaboration is easier and more effective

These new digital platforms feature collaboration channels – creating direct connections and building engagement among people across the organization. Single click sharing means that geographically dispersed change teams can share, collaborate on and deliver programs more effectively and quickly.

Productivity is increased

The intuitive nature of platforms, the ability to keep data and plans in one place, the ease of sharing plans and learning from past implementations means that both teams and organizations are far more productive.


Get all of the benefits of digital change with Roadmap Pro

If your organization is looking to keep up with the pace of change by using a digital change platform, you may be interested in Roadmap Pro, our revolutionary change management toolkit.

With full suite of a powerful tools, step-by-step planners and in-context learning, it’s easy to deploy so your organization can be up and running in no time.


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