How Roadmap Pro will accelerate your access to industry recognized change management training and learning

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In our most recent post in this Roadmap Pro series we took a detailed look at how Roadmap Pro can put data at the heart of your change management and implementation strategy by giving you the powerful tools and analytics you need to make business critical project decisions around change.

This is part of a blog series that includes:

Part 1 -  Introducing Roadmap Pro our revolutionary change management SaaS platform

Part 2 -  Why Roadmap Pro will revolutionize the way you plan and implement your change projects

Part 3 – Putting data at the heart of your change implementation strategy

In this 4th and concluding part of our series, we consider how adopting Roadmap Pro inside your organization can transform the way that you access and deliver change management training by:

  • Making it quicker and easier for people to “learn-while-doing”, with contextual video training and application coaching at their finger tips
  • Rapidly building your organization’s agility to deliver change at the volume, speed and accuracy required
  • Providing a cost-effective way to get role-based change management knowledge to up-skill and support more people across your organization

So, let’s take a closer look at how we deliver learning inside Roadmap Pro, which you can start to use immediately to improve your change performance. 

“Learn-while-doing” with “bite-sized” learning just when you need it

Given the pace of change in many organizations, from the time a project is announced you need to be able to roll-out support for the initiative in 48 hours - rather than 48 days.  This means that change management skills, tools, “how-to” guides and pre-populated templates need to be easily available, on-demand for people to get started quickly.

Roadmap Pro - Plan Process-639848-edited.png

Roadmap Pro makes the process simple with 6 structured stages to plan and deploy your change, fully loaded with 23 clear steps to follow

As you work through this step-by-step process – from creating your elevator speech, through stakeholder planning to communication planning – the place to start is to Obtain Information, about the process step you want to work on. And Roadmap Pro creates a personalized learning experience, for you to focus on the actions and decisions you need to take to get this initial task done, rather than the needs of a workshop group or training class.

  • Expert advice is on hand with 3 to 4 minutes of practical video based learning about the step you are working on, delivered as you work on each step
Roadmap Pro - video-based learning-852831-edited.png
  • Planning options, timing considerations and example output are also all here for you to read and review before taking important planning decisions
  • There are even best practice recommendations about “what good looks like”


Build organizational agility to deliver change

Working at speed does not have to mean that your change planning lacks rigor, and neither does it require that you buy-in expensive, expert resources. 

  • All our videos are delivered by change experts who are experienced at delivering global transformation projects

Roadmap Pro - details guides-940x529.png

  • And more detailed contextual guides are available to support people through more complex change situations

Roadmap Pro - Change Network Map.png

  • Practical planning templates and circa 350 pre-populated actions inside Roadmap Pro serve as a guide and confidence boost for the novice change/project manager, and a way for the experienced practitioner to get off to a quick, credible and consistent start with their change projects

Roadmap Pro - deployment.png

The key challenge with building organizational agility is moving capability building from being training-led (often away from work), to being a clear set of change steps, processes and tools that people feel supported to pick-up and apply straight away to their real business issues. 

In Roadmap Pro, our change experts teach and share the skills, processes and techniques which have made them successful.

The most cost-effective training option

This ‘just-in-time’ learning approach in Roadmap Pro is specifically designed to drive commitment and ensure real application. There is no longer a need to transport people to where the skills and expertise reside because Roadmap Pro brings digital learning to them -  wherever they are and need it. 

Roadmap Pro has redesigned the learning space, removing the dependency on costly offsite workshops and time spent away from work.  Your change management training roll-out schedule can be very different indeed.

No need to wait 3+ weeks for a workshop seat, or an expert to become available.  No need to worry about creating a strong filter on workshop attendance to keep the cost down.  And people can also be invited to participate at the time that their input is most needed. 

Onboarding new team members is quick and easy, with 25 concise learning videos available on demand. Which all means line managers and local change agents can:

  • get up-to-speed quickly and be ready to review and refine plans online
  • dip-into and select the very specific learning they need to understand the rational for key change decisions and help frame their input
  • get access to a consistent learning approach and collaborate with global colleagues to plan and deploy key projects

And, all this can happen virtually, via a safe and secure platform which is available 24 by 7 by 365. 

Roadmap Pro Series Summary

This concludes the 4th and final part of our blog series on the Roadmap Pro. We hope it has given you a feel for what we truly believe is a revolutionary approach to delivering change projects.

One of the things coming out strongly in our discussions with clients is that; ‘methodology is methodology’, and in broad terms most change management methodologies share similar characteristics. However, it is how you choose to implement that methodology, making it easy for people to access and apply, that can truly define the level of success in change implementation.

And this is where Roadmap Pro really comes into its own – by providing a proven approach to change implementation that is easy to learn and adopt, is scalable, standardized and cost-effective.

If you are interested in exploring things further you can learn more about Roadmap Pro here.

Find out more about Roadmap Pro 

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