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Get the most from your change assessment tools...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Nov 1, 2017

You will have heard of the old saying: garbage in = garbage out.  So how do you ensure that your change assessment tools are giving you quality data which will really help deliver a successful change...

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Overcoming hurdles to creating a shared...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Jul 12, 2017

Driving successful change means balancing the local and organizational factors.  Ensuring that the right change elements are focused on by local leaders, while also ensuring the overall...

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How the C-Suite can sustain Enterprise Change...

Posted by David Miller on Jun 28, 2017

At the most mature level of organizational Change Management, the distinguishing characteristic is that executive sponsors manage the overall change capacity of the organisation.  Your organisational...

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The Importance of Effective Change Leadership in...

Posted by David Miller on Feb 22, 2017
  • The current level of business, social and political disruption makes building Change Leadership critical for your organization
  • This starts at the top of your organization and cascades through...

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How to smooth the challenges of business...

Posted by David Miller on Sep 29, 2016

Merging two companies with existing culture, processes and systems is never an easy task. Merging two large organizations each with an in-grained way of working, while minimizing the disruption to...

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Changefirst announces major partnership in the UK

Posted by Elissa Park on Sep 7, 2016

Changefirst is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Premier Change Consulting Ltd to deliver the e-change® change management platform and the People Centered Implementation (PCI)...

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Creating enterprise change management capabilities

Posted by Audra Proctor on Sep 1, 2016

We recently published our second book - Enterprise Change Management (How to prepare your organization for continuous change) as as you might imagine we've been taking stock with our...

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How Organizations Prepare Themselves for...

Posted by David Miller on Mar 9, 2016
Blog - How Organizations Prepare Themselves for Continuous Change

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Is the Digital Era Here to Stay?

Posted by Audra Proctor on Feb 8, 2016

By Audra Proctor, Head of Learning & Development, Changefirst and co-author of Enterprise Change Management

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The Changing Face of the Program and Portfolio...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Nov 13, 2015

By Audra Proctor, Head of Learning & Development, Changefirst

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