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    Aligning local and organizational change factors...

    Posted by Audra Proctor on Jul 2, 2017

    Have you ever witnessed change in an organization that is inconsistently implemented across different parts of the organization?  Or a board-driven organizational change that fails to be...

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    Lessons from the field: Poor change leadership...

    Posted by David Miller on Apr 26, 2017

    Effective sponsorship is so critical during organizational change, especially when undertaking a major business transformation.  This week we look at a recent client case where the sponsorship...

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    Creating strong sponsor networks for your...

    Posted by David Miller on Apr 19, 2017

    Creating a strong sponsor network can be a bit daunting when also faced with establishing and driving a strategic change initiative.  Especially for those new to a change leadership role, or those...

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    [LIVE WEBINAR 19TH OF APRIL 2PM GMT+1]  How do I...

    Posted by David Miller on Apr 5, 2017


    How do I help my senior sponsors take an ACTIVE role in implementing organizational change?

    This webinar is for any change leader who needs to help their...

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    Do You Have an Effective Change Management...

    Posted by Audra Proctor on Mar 8, 2017

    Engagement drives successful change management and creating a sense of engagement requires more than just communication. But it does require the right kind of communication. 

    The favored methods...

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    Engagement Drives Successful Change Management

    Posted by Audra Proctor on Feb 27, 2017

    Implementing change is about people.  Successful change management is not just about doing things to people (telling them, changing their teams, changing their systems) but about enabling,...

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    The Importance of Effective Change Leadership in...

    Posted by David Miller on Feb 22, 2017
    • The current level of business, social and political disruption makes building Change Leadership critical for your organization
    • This starts at the top of your organization and cascades through...

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    Managing your reorganization: it’s an...

    Posted by David Miller on Nov 29, 2016

    It is important to remember that from your organization’s point of view a new organizational structure might not be as clear cut as you see it.  In fact, in most cases, even the smallest...

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    How to effectively manage the pressures of change

    Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on Feb 17, 2012
    When implementing major change within an organisation both sponsors and agents face the challenge of managing pressures that the change creates.

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    What three monkeys told us about culture

    Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on Jul 1, 2011

    There is a supposedly true story about the results of some research into animal behaviour that perfectly illustrates the primary challenge we face with cultural change.

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