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7 ways Roadmap Pro will help you implement your...

Posted by Audra Proctor on May 16, 2019

As an organization it is important for you to focus on full implementation, not just installation, which is at the heart of the ROI of effective change management.  Here at Changefirst, we are...

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Change Insight: Why Agile Organizations need...

Posted by Audra Proctor on May 9, 2019

One topic more than any other seems to be surfacing in conversations with clients recently – the increasing importance of agile and what the implications are for Change Management.

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Change Maturity: Effectively baselining your...

Posted by Audra Proctor on May 2, 2019

 In the first post of this blog series we look at a definition of Enterprise Change Management (ECM). What it was, the unprecedented level of disruption that was increasingly driving the need for...

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A definition of Enterprise Change Management...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Apr 18, 2019


And why digital disruption makes it even more essential for your organization

A key theme we kept revisiting in a recent blog series on Agile Change Management was how to implement Enterprise...

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6 lessons for successful change implementation

Posted by Audra Proctor on Apr 11, 2019


In our 20+ years experience as change management experts we've heard a lot from our practitioner clients about what they have learned as they begin their change projects. We thought it would be...

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Video: How COEs can align their existing change...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Apr 3, 2019


 The role of many Change Management COEs (Centers of Excellence) is changing as organizations increasingly move to an agile approach to change management.

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Video: How to successfully map your Change...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Mar 5, 2019

Where Agile is the development and business delivery mechanism inside an organization Change Management has to be adjusting and aligning itself – taking an Agile approach to Change Management. It...

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Video: Why Agile organizations need Agile Change...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Feb 14, 2019

There seems little doubt that Agile is really creating a bit of stir in organizations right now. But Agile is a bit of a shifting sand and we think its important to take a closer look at the...

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Agile Change Leadership - are you an active...

Posted by Audra Proctor on Jan 31, 2019

In previous blog posts in this series we have taken an introductory look at the impact that the increasing adoption of Agile techniques is having on change management including:

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What is Agile Change Management? A definition.

Posted by Audra Proctor on Jan 17, 2019

In our first two blog posts in this Agile Change Management series we explored some of the background to Agile as an approach including:

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